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breaking news from northeast where emergency crews have shut down roads as they battle a vacant house fire. we'll tell you where to avoid. >> mother nature's mess from
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mississippi to maine. it will be a day of digging out and picking you want pieces. >> later, red light outrage. why you might get a ticket at some suburban traffic cameras even if you didn't do anything wrong. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning. it is straight up 6:00 monday, february 11th. you can see from this live look outside right now. the roadways are wet out there and we're going to keep you posted on how your commute is going to go this morning. also, we'll see in this rain will stick around. good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. a very cold wet start to the workweek. tucker will have a check on your forecast in just a moment. first, let's talk about this. we begin in mississippi where officials will begin the day assessing the damage after a massive tornado tore through the region. the funnel cloud was caught on
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tape as it moved through hattiesburg. more than 200,000 homes and businesses across the northeast will wake up once again without electricity after that massive blizzard hit over the weekend. most of the outages are in massachusetts where as much as three feet of snow fell. transit crews are working around the clock to get the region ready for work today and right now, most airports are running close to normal. amtrak, running on a limited schedule between new york and boston. regional rail lines are still working to restore service as well. all right, tucker. that is a mess up there. hopefully they can get things moving pretty quickly. >> yeah, thins are getting better and better. around here, just rain showers moving through. a good thing that the temperature are up. otherwise, we would be dealing with an icy mess. i'll take snow any time. >> fruit. >> here are your rain showers. they continue to make progress from west to east and still
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some pretty good rain showers particularly north and east up towards baltimore and towson there. you can see it now moving there from west to east. things will gradually improve by 7:00, 8:00 this morning. rain will be out of here and we'll be looking at just clouds this afternoon. get ready for a nice warm-up here with highs expected to be in the 50s this afternoon. 3 at reagan national. 37 at both bwi marshall and at dulles. forecast for today, things get a little better. 55-degree at 5:00 p.m. with a little sun developing. not going to see a whole lot of sunshine today. we'll see a lot more tomorrow and then things get interesting towards the middle and end of the week. i'll have details on that in just a minute. >> doesn't it always get interesting in february though? >> you start getting that roller coaster ride. >> time to check in with julie wright and see how the morning commute is going so far. >> wet pavement and we are dealing with a structure fire
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downtown. we'll get more on that in just a moment. waking up to the pavement and the rain that continues to fall. a little bit of a visibility issue especially if you get stuck behind a tractor-trailer. heavy volume leaving i-70 headed out towards the monocacy river. no issued reported in germantown headed for the lane divide. top side of the beltway, you will find delays as you travel between 59 college park and colesville road. eastbound on 66, traffic is backed up from before business 234 headed in towards centreville. traffic slows again east of 50 fair oaks to 123. no issues reported on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. lanes are open northbound on 395. the pace starting to slow just before duke street headed out towards seminary road. northbound i-95 tied up in stafford. traffic slows again prince william parkway to the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. we've been following breaking news in northeast that is impacting the commute for some of you.
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a fire at an abandoned home on field place. it started around 4:00 this morning. no one was hurt. fire crews remain on the screen and portions of eastern avenue, nanny helen burrows avenue along with 58th and 59th streets are impacted. mother bad news for local drivers. gas is taking an even bigger chunk the out of your paycheck. the average price of gallon of gas has jumped 25 cents over the pasts two weeks. that brings the nationwide average to $3.59 for a gallon of regular. here in d.c., it is even higher, averaging $3.74 a gallon. drivers in maryland pay a little less, right around $3.60. virginia's average is lowest at $3.45. a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his infant sister heads to court for a bond hearing. faces first degree murder charges. he admitted to suffocating and beating his sister, 7-month-old
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larisa to death inside their apartment. he was left alone with the child while their mother worked the overnight shift. prince george's county police are looking for whoever killed an elderly woman in her capital heights home. police found 71-year-old geraldine mcintyre dead in her home on chapel oaks drive saturday afternoon. no word on a suspect or motive. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. police in california are offering $1 million in exchange for information leading to the arrest of christopher dorner. he is the former cop turned triple murder suspect. yesterday, police continue the searching a see resort town near los angeles where dorner's burned-out truck was found thursday. but at the same time, a possible sighting at and l.a. home improvement store forced an emergency evacuation. police also stepped up patrols outside the grammy wards. so far, still no sign of the
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suspect. in an online posting, dorner says his rampage for being fired from the lapd. a good night for folk music and a big night for the black keys. still ahead at 6 clark, we have all the biggest highlights from movie's biggest night. breaking news from the vatican where we are getting reports that the pope will resign. we'll get more details about that when we come back.  -- still ahead at 6:00, we have all the biggest highlights from music's biggest night. 
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we are following major breaking news coming out of vatican. catholic church officials say pope benedict xvi will resign on february 28th, just 17 days from today. at announcement is considered a huge surprise. so far, there is no cheer reason given for the pope's rest you go nation. the headline from the vatican just breaking, pope benedict
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xvi will resign at the end of the month. senator lindsay graham says he will delay a confirmation vote for cluck hagel and john brennan until he gets more information about a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the south carolina republican accused the white house of stone walling his request for more information. hagel is the president's pick to lead the pentagon. brennan is in line for lead the cia. >> i do believe if he had picked up the phone, called the libyan government, these folks could have gotten out of the airport to the annex and the last two guys may very well be alive and if he did call the libyan officials and they sort of blew him off, that will affect whether or not i would give foreign aid in the future to libya. but if he failed to call on behalf of those people under edge, thennic that is a massive failure of leadership by our commander in chief.
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>> -- under siege, then i think that is a massive failure of leadership by our commander in chief. grammy's top prize. we'll show you who walked away as the night's big winners. we'll tell you about it when we come back. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich.
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the british folk band mumford and suns walked away with grammy's top prize last night. they took home the top prize for album of the year. black keys front man dan auerbach was the night's biggest win we are four awards. big night last night. >> too bad we can never stay up late enough to watch any of it but we see the highlights. >> i watched the red carpet for about a half hour. >> did you like j-lo's dress?
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>> oh, yeah, i liked it a lot. it worked. >> had you to think about it? >> i was trying to remember what was going on. >> there wasn't much going on anywhere. >> i'll show you some pictures later. >> we'll show you later. >> looking good. let's do some temperatures and the rain is moving through. it will be east of us shortly so i think 8:00, 9:00 this morning, we'll be done with the rain for the day. the clouds will hang tough for a good part of the day. might be a peek of sunshine. generally cloudy skies along with warmer temperatures. if you had enough of the cold, we'll get a built of a break later this afternoon. the heaviest rain has been moving through in the past couple of hours. not a whole lot. a few tenths of an inch of rain. you can see the yellow up there towards baltimore. out to the west, a few leftover showers out towards hagerstown pushing through the mountains. once that gets east of us, we'll be dealing with just clouds. out towards elkins, cumberland, hagerstown, i think you are generally done with the rain here. it is all rain with
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temperatures right now in the mid- to upper 30s across the region. satellite-radar, here is our actual parent low. it is a little bit of a complicated forecast. it's warm front punching through this morning that will give aussie surge of warmer air and a cold front that will come through later tonight that will start to dry things out as we get into the nighttime hours. we'll focus on what will be happening later this week because by tuesday, particularly wednesday, this frontal system will hang up down into the south. we'll watch yet another area of low pressure pick up and ride along that front and out to sea. it looks like by wednesday, we could have i little area of low pressure off to the east of us and maybe enough cold air around that we could get a wintry mix, maybe some snow by wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. that is the time frame of the next area of storminess once we get this one out of here. looking at our temperatures right now, i mentioned they are in the 30s. that is good news. not dealing with any ice out there this morning. 40 in annapolis. north and west, even the mountains in the mid-30s. 57 today. that is a nice warm-up.
6:18 am
yesterday, we were in the mid- 40s. early showers, cloudy and warm this afternoon. winds south and west, five to 10. 36 tonight, clearing skies. chilly overnight. winds out of west here at five to 10. here is an active seven-day forecast. tomorrow looks great. we cloud up wednesday. could be late rain and/or snow wednesday night. there you go. thursday, friday, looks sunny w key do it again this weekend. that storm could be a significant one for it gets going. still a lot of question marks. but temperatures definitely cold mid-30s both saturday and sunday. that is weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> did you stay up late and watch the grammys? >> not too late. i saw jt and that was it. suit and tie, that's my new favorite. leaving fair oaks, definitely below speed here. there are delays leaving business 234 continuing through centreville. you will find your backup extends from before duke street to seminary road. lanes are open on the top side of the beltway between college
6:19 am
park and bethesda south of 270. quick peek at our maps. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the highways. police activity is now tying up your commute as you travel along route 50 here at silver hill road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. president obama will today award the highest military decoration for valor to a former army staff sergeant. 31-year-old clinton roamshite will be the fourth to receive the medal of honor. clinton was a section leader on he killed several enemy fighters and recovered several fall soldiers during the day- long fight. about 60 military police
6:20 am
are getting ready to head on for guantanamo bay. there was a big celebration for the d.c. national guard at the armory yesterday. for the last year they've been training at fort leavenworth in kansas and fort indian town gap in pennsylvania. >> every mission has its own type of dangers. this one is not like afghanistan or iraq. it does have its own dangers and challenges. >> i knew what i signed up for. >> the troops got ice cream and cake to go with their sendoff hugs. they will be heading to gitmo tomorrow morning on a support mission to help run the prison staff and keep order. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york for a look at why, if you work in virginia, getting health insurance through work might be a little bit more difficult. we'll tell you about it when we come back.
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in today's business beat, another hurdle to health care for workers in virginia. and pepsi for breakfast? lauren simonetti is live in new york with those stories an a check of the markets. >> hello. happy monday to you. >> hope you guys are thawing out and hope the markets thaw out. >> if you look at the dow, everything was higher on friday. although, because of the snowstorm, so many traders stayed home it was low volume of the year. still work he did have some gains on friday. i want to look at the nasdaq because its closing left was the high of the in 12 years. the s&p and ?ax high for six weeks in a row but the dow lost some ground last week closing lower on the week for the first week this year. we did have a little bit of a pull-back. today, we are up across the board in the premarket. the big report of the week comes with retail sales on january. >> we are also starting to seat cost of this new health care law and also locally here in
6:25 am
virginia as well. talk about that. >> many businesses are going to have to provide health care, health insurance to workers who work 30 hours a week or more because 30 hours is going to be considered full time. because of that, many private businesses are just giving their workers 29 hours so they come under that threshold. we've now seen some state governments like the state of virginia saying they are going to pull back some of their working hours to 29 so they don't have to provide the health insurance and save more than $100 million a year. we have aseen colleges in pennsylvania and ohio at the state and community level do the same thing. this is one of the consequences of the high cost of the new health care law pulling back from many businesses. >> that is unfortunate. let's talk a little bit about pepsi. this is interesting. they are coming out with a new energy drink. is it going to taste like pepsi, i wonder? >> it will taste like mountain dew and maybe a little bit like
6:26 am
red bull. it is called kick started and is expected to be on the shelves later this month. it has the mountain dew flavor and a jolt of caffeine. pepsi says it won't have a lot of caffeine so it won't be like a true energy drink. it gets out of that whole political mess. they are hoping to get some of the red bull consumers to drink kick start, just another option for your morning pick me up. >> i think i'll stick with coffee. >> i love tea but i think it was for going to bed even though it has caffeine. so coffee in the morning. >> i agree. a surge in red light tick nets rockville. we'll tell what you is to blame and where you are most likely to end up with a ticket.
6:27 am
plus, an acc showdown and dave ross has the highlights coming up. first, a busy weekend from mother nature. we'll look at the aftermath up north and down south to see what she has in store for our region just ahead.  my father loves coffee, drinks coffee every day,
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back now to the breaking news out of the vat cap. pope benedict xvi will resign at the end of this month on february 28th. the shocking announcement came just about 30 minutes ago. holy father announced in a speech today that he just doesn't have the physical strength to carry on the mission of the papacy. pope benedict is 58 years old. he became pope in 2005 after the death of john paul ii. there is no information as to when a conclave to elect a new pope will begin though it will not happen until after the pope's resignation date. the last pope to resign was way back in the 1200s actually major headline out of rome. pope benedict xvi is resigning.
6:31 am
we'll have much more on this coming throughout the morning. talk about our weather now from mississippi to maine. it will be a day of cleaning up after mother nature. the deep south took a direct hit from a tornado on sunday. at the same time, the northeast is still digging out after a blizzard dumped as much as three feet of snow. what a mess up there. and it will still be kind of canadiansy the rest of the week too, right? >> well, potentially. have you to wonder because so far this winter, we have abeen kind of just getting by. >> skirting it. >> it has been very close. you have to wonder when mother nature will deliver one. it looks like a few chances for winter weather later this week. for this morning, just some rain showers moving through. temperatures have jumped up into the upper 30s overnight. really not falling offer a whole lot from where we were yesterday. we are warm enough that we are getting light rain. you can see that most of it or much of it is to the east of washington. prince george's county, still getting some pretty god rains out towards annapolis and anne arundel county pushing off the bay north and east of
6:32 am
baltimore. most of the area has picked up at least a few tenths of an in. of rain. julie will have more on your morning commute. here are your temperatures. 38 at reagan national. 26 this morning in boston. it helps when you have a two- foot snowpack to have the temperatures cool off overnight. we will temporarily warm up into the mid-50s today and a few of us may get close to 60 or even low 60s. it will be temporary. temperatures will start to cool down towards the middle end of the week as we get another surge of cold arctic air. 57 your daytime high in washington. 59 in leonardtown. maybe 60s south and west of city here. fredericksburg looking at a high temperature of 62. it will remain cloudy for your monday. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> always something to talk about when it comes to weather in february. >> traffic time now with julie wright. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota.
6:33 am
>> the wet road to accompany the drive this morning. delays continue germantown leaving 118 headed out past 124. northbound on i-95, traffic is stacking autopsies you continue from stafford leaving aquia harbor out towards dumfries. slow traffic now starting to build in volume inbound suitland parkway towards south capital street and the douglass bridge. no issues reported in northeast along new york or kenilworth avenues. let's pop up the maps real quick. we do have police activity tying up a portion of route 5 at silver hill road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, rockville, maryland is cashing in on those red light camera tickets. >> but some new rules for how those cameras give out tickets has some drivers questioning the city's motivation. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live in rockville with more. >> reporter: good morning. there is quite a camera controversy going on here in
6:34 am
the city of rockville and it is something that happened kind of quietly last year while most of us were engaged in the political campaigns and those sorts of things, the city of rockville made a quiet change to its red light program. it switched vendors and it also changed the way that it will begin endorsing red light running and so, now, instead of just ticketing people who blow through red lights, now, it appears that they are also ticketing people who fail to stop at the white line. i don't know if we have any video. we did see some back earlier of what it looks like where the cars will come up and the camera will flash if they are going at a certain speed. and then, if they stop across the line, then that is when the camera will flash. sometimes they get a ticket. sometimes they don't. they have to go through and look at it and see. but we want to bring in lon anderson with aaa mid-atlantic. you and i briefly discussed this last week when i started looking through the numbers and i thought something isn't right
6:35 am
here. you guys went and did your own reeve research. what did you find? >> it is amazing. in one year, with sought numbers of red light runners in rockville, the tickets go from about 8600 to 18,000, just shy of 1,000. now, what changed? the vendor and the methodology. it doesn't mean that suddenly we have a whole rash of drivers in rockville that think it is all right to run red lights. there was no change in drivers. what happened was rockville began ratcheting up its policing for profit. others might call it highway robbery. and they are taking motor i haves who are not running through an intersection on a red light and yet they are ticketing for them. and interestingly, i think for us, this is the killer, there is mixed guidance from the federal government. this may well not be in compliance with federal regulations. but the fact is these people are getting tickets for not
6:36 am
running the intersection. it is outrageous. it is highway robbery. it is policing for profit and we're calling on the mayor and the city council to talk to the police department and say let's stop this. do we really have 8,000 red light runner or do we have 18,000 red light runners? which is it one year it is 8,000, the next year it is 18,000 and drivers haven't changed? >> you've been on the front lines of the whole photo enforcement to begin w when maryland put the law in, what did they intend for red light running? >> they intended these cameras to behave just like officers sitting at this intersection and basically ticketing people who run red lights. what is running a red light mean in it means having light turn red and you blow through the incident irsection. these people aren't blowing through the intersection. they are pulling up and they may go just a little bit yawn the line or they may make what would be to anybody else a
6:37 am
right turn on red. >> okay. thank you very much. we'll continue to follow up on this all morning long. hopefully, we can get in touch with somebody from the city of rockville. maybe they would like to come meet us here at the most ticketed red light intersections and defend what they are doing here. back to you guys. making headlines here at home and armed the world, d.c. police are still being look for a suspect in a double stabbing. this happened early sunday morning near 14th and u street. investigators say a fight started inside the patty boone bar. when it escalated, the bouncer moved everyone involved outside. that is when someone tacked a man and woman. the victims have minor injuries. in chicago, police are questioning two persons of interest in the shooting death of hedea pendleton, the 15-year- old killed just day after performing during the president's second inauguration. the men were taken into custody early sunday, one day after a memorial service for pendleton attended by the first lady. so far, no charges have been filed. and all around the world,
6:38 am
millions of people welcomed the year of the snake zipped. this is video from china where people marked the lunar new year with fireworks, bells and prayers. -- the year of the snake sunday. sunday. time now for the morning line. dick cheney ross here and we've got no football to talk about so i'll just sit here. >> there is some football to talk about. how was your weekend? >> it was great. i didn't have any football. >> can you just get to the morning line. >> thanks to asking. virginia around maryland in a border war, wisdom martin. it was a big one. because the boys played at home in maryland. you try to hold serve at home when the committee looks at your resume. if they looked at your resume, they would say nit. the terps were down by six at the break, second half.
6:39 am
and the university of virginia took over. that is a big three by paul jesperson. and justin anderson, he was going to go to maryland and gary williams retired and he decommitted and went to uva. virginia gets a good win. that resume looks better, 7-3 in the acc. 17-6 overall. maryland falls for 5-6 in conference. your guy, the king,. >> lbj, mvp. >> ridiculous move by kobe bryant. >> very nice for a 10th place team. >> it is almost tight through three and then in the fourth quarter, get out. get out the way. >> mvp. >> the king. miami wins. fisk straight game of at least 30 or more for the king. that is a heat record. you can get up and throw it
6:40 am
down like that? >> a little bit. >> i don't think you can. >> we said there was no football. there is always some football to talk about. we know joe flacco will get paid. do you pay a guy like want 12:01 bolden. >> i guess. i don't know. >> 40 minutes ago you said no. >> i said no but i'm he thinking about t. >> $6 million, that is what they are on the hook for. 32 years old. hi great playoff arab great super bowl. if you want to play, you got to pay. if they don't pay him, he says he is going to retire. >> tucker and i were talking about this. >> tucker barnes made you change your mind. >> i do live in maryland. >> stand by your convictions. >> i am. pay the purple. >> don't pay this man. pay us both. 
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the f sport. new griddle-melts to yourime usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. society if you are just tubing in right now, we are following
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breaking news from the vats can this morning. early this morning, pope benedict xvi announced we will resign. the holy father announced in a speech today that he just doesn't have the physical strength to carry on the mission of the papacy. pope benedict is 85 years old. he became pope in 2005 after the death of john paulism i. we'll have much more on this breaking story coming up at the top of our next hour. the pope expected to resign by the end of the month. big news. >> what a way to start our week. >> that is a surprise for everyone, isn't it? >> yeah, it was a surprise announcement. we'll have more coming up as we just said. but meanwhile, we are dealing with rain. >> yeah, dealing with just rain. i guess that is good news. we are not dealing with icy spots this morning as temperatures have jumped into the mid-30s. even some 40s out there to start your day. a little bit of rain shower activity to contend with for another hour or so. then it ill with be gradually
6:45 am
getting better. then it will be gradually getting better. reagan national is 39 degrees. you can see all the way from salisbury to cumberland this morning, our temperature are above freezing. and that is very important. we had a little bit of sleet mixing in across northern maryland and southern pen during the overnight hour. 39 in culpeper. 37 at dulles. temperatures later today, believe it or not, will surge well into the 50s. i think we'll be well into the 50s this afternoon here in washington. if you are south and west of the city down towards fredericksburg, quantico, you may touch 50 degrees later today. a nice warm-up in store. satellite-radar, there is your rain shower activity and enough to definitely wet the roadways out there. a few tenths of an inch overnight. still raining in prince george's county, anne arundel county. you can see that the back edge of this is now working into the western suburbs of washington. we'll get the rain out of here shortly and it will be a mostly cloudy day today as this frontal system is just kind of a slow mover. we do have some warmer air out
6:46 am
to the west. that will get in here as mentioned a little later this afternoon. we should be in for comfortable conditions today and tomorrow and then by wednesday, yet another storm system is going to develop down to the south and this one will slide up and off the coast wednesday afternoon and wednesday night and that could bring us a couple of question marks. it could bring is a round of went weather wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. man a wintry mick, maybe just plain old snow. it definitely bears watching. that is our next chance for any winter weather around here. temperatures will be much colder by the middle of the week. by 10:00 a.m., we are clearing out or at least quieting down rain. we still have a lot of clouds around. it will be a partly to mostly cloudy afternoon. a few peeks of sunshine from time to time during the day and then we clear out tonight. tomorrow, things look great with sunshine and temperatures in the low 50s. early showers, cloudy and warm afternoon. 36, clearing skies, chilly overnight. winds out of the west at five to 10. there is your accu-weather
6:47 am
saved. a winter event here wednesday night and early thursday. we could do it again next weekend ad we'll have some arctic air around. bottom line on the forecast is the pattern looks much more active here and stormy as we get into the middle of february and definitely colder next weekend. >> all right. >> good morning. good morning. >> happy monday. >> happy monday to you. guess what it is time for? ask tony and tucker. before i get to today's question, i'm reminded one of our viewers wrote in and asked why don't we spend some money and instead of me going like that, why don't we have some horns or something play? it has kind of become a tradition. >> a little personal touch. >> we don't have any money to spend. >> that is the main reason. >> that is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our
6:48 am
heads together to answer your questions. this question comes from barbara mckenna. she asks if hillary clinton should become president, would bill be called the first man? i-5 a wondered this too. what will he be called? >> he will be called the first dude. it's little known fact. no. well, this is something obviously that has not happened in u.s. history before. we've never hay female president so there is no precedent that has been set. there would have to be some decisions made. however, we do have some indication ass to what he would be called. >> first, we should start with, in the case of hillary clinton, in bill's case, he would be addressed as president clinton and president clinton in the white house which would get complicate because in onor of anybody that has become president, they are referred to for the rest of their life as
6:49 am
president. his welcome back aspecial circumstance in hillary's case. the answer to the hillary clinton case is bill clinton would be known as president clinton for the rest of his life. >> however, if this were to happen, in standard practice, for example, in the media and all that kind of stuff, they would probably refer to him as former president clinton to make it clear because that would be an unusual case. >> what about the number you know how bush 1 and bush 2. president what number. >> 41 and 43, i believe. >> they could do it that way. >> identify them by number. >> the indication, what is most likely is that he would most likely be called the first gentleman. this is based on the fact that many -- in men states or some states where we have had a female governor, the female governor's husband has been called the first gentleman. sometimes they joke around with
6:50 am
it. there is a -- in wash state, michael -- i don't know his last name. he is the husband of the governor. he prefers to be called the first mike. bill clinton would likely be known as the first gentleman. >> yeah. i'm reading some more. i'm not paying attention. >> at least he's honest. >> that is usual lie me and wisdom. >> so you have nothing to add. >> i have absolutely nothing to add. sorry, you read somewhere that he might be known as just mr. >> well, if you think about it, you could say for an introduction, ladies and gentlemen, president and mr. clinton. that would sound very strange but just because we are not used to it. >> and there is also a possibility that i'm sure somebody other than hillary clinton who is a female will become president so we'll have to eventual did i -- eventually deal with this. >> i'm glad we got that
6:51 am
question. >> popular thinking is it would be first gentleman. >> there you go. thank you very much for the question, barbara. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> all right. check in with julie wright. >> don't you like having this played before we go to you, this -- >> i y important. >> you are the first lady of traffic. >> is that what it is? >> this you go. >> does that mean you all work for me? >> no. >> if that is the qeas, i want a secretary of cupcakes, a secretary of pancakes. i'm going to keep it real when i'm in office. -- if that is the case. >> we have some problems. police activity continues it tie up a portion of route 5 at silver heel road and branch avenue at iveson, a portion of the roadway blocked off because
6:52 am
of wires and a utility pole across the highway. let's pop up the cameras. wet pavement this morning. that is what is accompanying your drive. all this weather making for not so much of an easy commute. southbound 270 on the brakes. delays continue out of germantown headed out past 124- 6789 northbound on i-95, burr low low speed out of stafford leaving aquia harbor. and slow traffic now inbound suitland parkway leaving south capital street headed for the inbound douglass bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> i don't know what i was thinking righting chorus for this song inform this is in hd, everything can see our faces and we are not very young. >> the pop band fun poking fun at themselves after picking up the first of two major awards at last night's grammys. they won last night.
6:53 am
owe hen still enjoyed a good night. he received a standing ovation following his performance of forrest gump. he took home trophies for best rap song collaboration. justin timberlake returned to the stage. that is pretty cool little thing he was doing here. this is a new single, suit and tie in black and white. he was joined on stage by rapper j-z. i like the old school black and white feel. he is dressed up with the band. >> i like that song too, catchy. a shock ago announcement out of vatican city. >> pope benedict xvi says he is stepping down. we'll tell you why and read the pope's official statement. >> we'll check in with holly morris who is marking black history month with a special performance by a youth association. we'll be right back. ight back. this i is so sick!
6:54 am
i can't believe your m mom let u take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. i know this week people are going to be focused on valentine's day. but don't forget february is black history month. we are live in mount raineer. they are gearing up for a very special black history month performance. and coming up this morning, we're getting our own special preview. we're going to talk with the founder and director about this dance company and really its mission. it's about more than learning a specific dance. there's also a grammy nominated artist at the performance. she just did a video where these kids were the dancers but the video is helping to raise money for education for young people in south africa. we're going to tell you how that is happening and also we're going to learn a little bit of the choreography.
6:58 am
what's amazing is it combines traditional west african dance but also modern dance and they blend it all together. and we're going to give you all the information you should know so you can come be a part of this presentation. might want to mark your calender now which is why we're doing it on monday. >> all right. thank you. now, it's time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. octavia isoma turn it leave and loves to catch up with fox 5 morning news. thanks for watching. that's a great picture. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day like our fan page and post a comment before octavia's picture. >> let's send it over to tony and allison. . >> we are following breaking
6:59 am
news. >> pope benedict xvi leader of more than a billion catholics around the world is resigning. >> the surprise announcement coming about an hour ago and is a great shock. we have live coverage as fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> there's your live look outside. it is a rainy start to the day across this region on this monday february 11th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us to start off this brand new week. check in with tucker for a look at the forecast. first we want to get to the breaking news. pope benedict xvi will resign on february 28th just 17 days from now. >> the announcement coming around 6:00 this morning our time. let's go back to sarah simmons. >> what a surprise. it doesn't begin to describe how

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